The Avengers (2012) » Thor Odinson.



sketch commission for marlonbookcase! consulting husbands on the case


I just want John to call Sherlock “sweetheart” and then watch Sherlock go from surprised to confused to blushing like mad with a little grin on his face


can you imagine the look on john’s face when he realised that sherlock had left the wedding 


I bet this is what Coulson has in his bathroom


Tom Hiddleston - From Shakespearean chic to Crimson Peak - Total Film May 2014

Production stills of John Watson from season three.


Coriolanus drawing for Tom hiddleston fan event. WIP(Korean)
You can see other drawings what were drew for the event. here These are so gorgeous!!

 Caricature Cartoons with Chris Evans & Chris Hemsworth

"What case could possibly justify this?"
"Magnussen. Charles Augustus Magnussen."